MyChron recommended sensors - not engine specific

Curious what the recommended sensors are to improve driving are. Some that come to mind are throttle and brake, but can they be replaced with just watching rpm or can you derive the same result?

And then some custom math channels like Gsum, can you derive some data to replicate other sensors?

95% of what I do during coaching sessions can be done with just GPS/RPM. Pedal sensors are neat toys but I think they are easily replaced by having a GoPro mounted in your fairing so you can see your feet.

The amount sensors you have and the amount of data you collect is only as valuable as your ability to interpret the data.


Tire temp sensors is a pretty usefull sensor it can show when you have the optimal temp and if you psi/bar is right pressure

You guys ever used the steering input sensor to check for US / OS?

Did not know they make that, my solution is Gopro helmet cam.

I do, it helps clarify what’s happening and what is occurring first. Also very interesting to let others drive and see how different driving styles show up in the data traces.

Does the driver display have readout functionality for tire temp sensor values, or are they only accessible via Race Studio?

Tire Temps can be added to custom page layouts for visibility on track during sessions.

I think you can program it or just bring a laptop to the track