Nasty Crash for Will Power


Ouch, that was rough

Oooof….that’s equivalent to a MotoGP high side :grimacing:

Alright, fess up… Which one of you was it that podded him? :joy:

I’m gonna say Oliver. :sunglasses:

That tip over happened fast. Curious to know what caused it. I heard a distinct smack on the tarmac sound.

Maybe a small one, but definitely not the full on industrial strength version. :astonished:

I’m wondering if Josef Newgarden is maybe still pissed about Power taking the 2022 IndyCar championship from him. :grin:

Penske Racing Internal Memo:
From this day fourth, there shall be no more driver ‘training’ in karts… on or off season. :rofl:

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I was wondering how whoever he drives for in big racing felt about this lol.