Need Help Finding a Bumper

Okay I have to admit I’m a little embarassed to ask, but I have ordered not one, but TWO replacement bumpers and neither of them will fit (And the quality of the replacements are terrible).

I tried to match it up from what came on my kart, but I can’t find anything based on the numbers stamped on the bumper. So after I returned the first one, I selected the second bumper based on the advertised picture, but what arrived in the mail looked nothing like the advertised picture.

Anyone got a line on this one, a link would be appreciated.


Looks to me like your original one is the old style Adult KG adjustable rear bumper and the new one is the Cadet KG adjustable rear bumper.


The new piece is a “KG TRIS” you have a “KG CIK RS3”

I am unaware of anywhere that you can get just the center piece of your existing bumper.

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Copy that. Found the right bumper from Acceleration karting.

Thanks dude.