Need help with older breadbox kart and newer nerf bars

I have a 99 Daytona heron which is set up for older breadbox style pods and bars but I’d like to run newer style pods, does anyone have a solution or ideas?

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Custom nerfs is probably your go to solution.

Can you post some pics of the two to give us a visual? What’s preventing the newer pods from going on the older “diagonal” side brackets?


My kart takes the angled style and the pods I have take the newer style. I can’t even find the regular bread box replacement bars anywhere.

Know anyone who can do that?

Around 2004 the angled pod mounting brackets and ’ breadbox style pods’ were 'outlawed ’ for mainstream karting in UK and elsewhere on ‘safety grounds’.
Solution for many was to weld alternative ‘sockets’ to the main chassis tubes at right angles to the kart centre line, to take the new style frames and pods.

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