New karting club, rules discussion. What classes should i pitch

So we are having a new kart club with a new track (parking lot setup) and we are having a rules meeting this sunday. What classes should i suggest for adults? As of right now there is a mix of 3-4 tags, 1-2 yamaha pipes and a couple of shifters (honda/kz). Im thinking we do a mixed tag class with tagusa rules and a mixed shifter with 405lbs for kz and 385 for stock honda? Thoughts? We also have a bunch of vintage drivers so i feel if the yamahas dont want to upgrade to tag we can stick them into vintage somehow.

Really hard to give advice without more context:

-where in the world is this (sounds like usa) - what region?

-what kind of insurance will regulate these events, by whom (this can dictate classes to go with significantly).

-what is the general demographic of your current competitors - what about future competitors? Are there other kart tracks in the region? If so, what are their demos?

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-long island ny

-anything goes, promoter is trying to get anything with wheels including bikes.

-ovrp and etown. All tag basically (rotax/x30)

Don’t pitch until you’ve listened to folks who you think will actually commit to something. Then think about what they will actually do, vs what they say they want on an individual basis.

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I’d say perhaps being targeted can help increase numbers.

If x30 and rotax are in the region might be a good idea to reach out to those series so you don’t step on dates. Beat the bushes for those in the garage not racing now - why aren’t they racing, what do they want?

-harsh, but true: vintage racers aren’t going to be the back bone of your club. But, they should be welcome!

LO206 and shifter - leave out EVERYTHING else.

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A bold move, Charles.

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I think you’re on the right track. As James mentioned, it would be best to first understand what sort of equipment your prospective racers are already in possession of, and cater the class structure to them. If you have a suspicion that others may join later on, but in a different class other than what is currently represented, then you could always keep an “option” slot available.

One other thing to consider with the shifters will be driver age/weight. It can be difficult to have an all-encompassing shifter program. Say for instance you have a 130lb 15yr old with a KZ setup that you’re trying to put in the same class as a 220lb 40yr old with a Stock Honda…where’s the middle ground?

Same goes for Tag. Tag USA rules have worked alright, but you may need to make tweaks if you’re effectively trying to merge Senior and Masters weight classes, which you’ll likely have to do given the current kart count.

Best of luck, and always listen to the racers!

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I can’t really speak on the tag part. But As for the shifters 405 for kz and 385 for Honda will be a good starting point. The kz will likely be a bit faster at these weights speaking from local experience. However this does vary from track to track.

So attended the meeting. Basically there is a million classes including kt100 tag clone lo206 shifter. I tried to ask if we can have a poll so we can see what the majority wants that way we can try to run the same class but i was ignored for the most part. So I guess its going to be whoever shows up with whatever at this point. My friend is building a clone kart, I have a tag, my other friend is discouraged from all the classes, other friend has a shifter and a couple are advocating for lo206 so its a mess

Got a name for the track or a website yet? Would like to check it out. Our new track in Maryland is also in a parking lot. - United Karting.

One of the fellas I tented with used to drive to NJMP and E town from LI. He said there was nothing in LI. I hope this works for you all.

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No website yet, only a facebook page.

Nice! If you need barriers for your parking lot track hit us up -