New karting YouTube series

We have had a few threads on promoting the sport via videos etc and I thought I’d share the link to these guys effort.
I am sort of on the fence as to wether their content is for me, but I am impressed with their effort from a production/professionalism standpoint.
Basically, it’s two guys who ostensibly are documenting their efforts getting started in karting but it plays more like a mini series on the basics for a totally green audience.
It’s very well made which sort of makes me feel like this is a film school project that they sort of decided “why not karting” and ran with that idea. I suspect that for the majority of the kartpulse audience it’s too basic, but I don’t think we are the intended audience.
Regardless, it’s a heck of an effort and I am curious to see where they go with this.


I like the effort and the production for sure. Could really do with some energy and spontaneity.
Something to watch out for though.

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Thanks for sharing. I’m always looking at more karting content on YouTube

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Hey everyone! Matt here from the show. Thanks for the share, Dom!

We’re reading your comments and taking note of them while we write season 2. The object for season 1 was to get a good base to build on top of. Most of our content for the rest of this season will be more experiential and less teaching!

Future seasons will probably lean more heavily to documenting our experiences, with only a couple educational episodes each season.

Our latest episode is a good example of what we’re hoping to do more of. Would love for you all to check it out and hear your thoughts!

Thanks again for checking out the show!


Kinda has a top gear type production feel, which is pretty damned good. Agree with James though (Sorry Matt), it feels overly scripted in diologue which hampers character personality and engagement. The idea is fantastic though and i’m a new sub.

Top effort guys :+1:

Totally understand that Greg and thanks for the feedback! We’re both pretty new to being in front of the camera, so we’re having to script it more than we’d like, just to stay on track (hehe). Hopefully it’ll feel less and less that way as we get more experience!

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Pre-session yoga is probably a damn good idea

I’ve been enjoying this @NearlyMatt. Having tried vlogging numerous times and failing at it, I have a true appreciation for the quality of work thus far. Keep it up. The dialogue will improve over time, keep it up!

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Production is definitely on point. Looking forward to see how it develops. Keep us updated.