New LO206 engines on back order?

Has anyone purchased one of the new LO206 engines? Down in Florida we have been told…short blocks and the new engine (with the new seal ) are on back order.

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Are you getting this information straight from Briggs?

I messaged Dave Klaus today… see what he says…

Two large distributor have told me this. I have to refrain from say who because of obvious reasons.
Maybe Jim can get some good information.

Well, not really. It’s not like saying something is on backorder is like insider trading. Haha
Worst that happens is that someone is wrong and people can still buy stuff. :wink:

Come to think of it, I do recall pushback from some sellers/dealers when the new seal came out. Some were hesitant to stock them until they sold their inventory with “older” seals first.

Yes engines were on backorder. I got a new Briggs off the shelf from a kart shop here in Colorado.

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Straight from Briggs:

We do have a slight back order at the moment as we shift seasons and engine mix. Some of our current back order stems from a computer system update but at the moment we have huge international orders we have to also fill to meet container shipment deadlines. That said engines are shipping domestically at the same time. With the holidays our next building of 206 short blocks won’t occur until the first week in December.

There are dealers with engine inventory. Short block inventory will be lean until the end of the year.

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I have to say Jim, I’m a little disappointed that you signed up only today with a first and only post that offers engines for sale.

I understand that you meant well, but please understand that the forums exist for discussion and are not a sales platform.

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