New LO206 Oil from Sector One

I just tried the new oil out for air cooled 4-strokes and it’s awesome. I had been using the Briggs 4T but this stuff is really good. We had it on a dyno with my new LO206 and it made 16% more torque and 18% more HP. I ran into the guys that developed this oil at Pitt Race during the Rotax Challenge race and they gave me a couple of liters to try out. They said 4-Tech iscoming out towards the end of this month but their break-In oil is already available through eBay. I’m sold.

Hi @kart3. Welcome to the KartPulse forums. I’m afraid we got off on the wrong foot…

Can you update your profile to include your last name.
I’m sure you had the best of intentions, but this post seems like it’s being on the cusp of promotional. We ask that the forums remain a place for discussion vs promotion and expect brands and business to bring value to the community.

On the claims, I’m just going to call it. 16% power increase from oil is BS. As much as love karting, If I developed an oil that makes 16% more power, the small volume of sales in kart racing is not a path I would pursue.

If I’m wrong, then it’s fair to say that it’ll sell itself without much in the way of promotion, provided it doesn’t compromise reliability.