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Big welcome to our new members this week: April 27th - May 4th!


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.
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Old guy here… started racing when i was 8, 'course that was 1970, ran karts for a few years, switched to MX, then added RR (back in the 2-smoke days). I worked in motorsports for a while (cars and bikes), raced off and on, mostly bikes, some cars, a few karts (100cc Yamaha stuff). I was doing bike track days, and licensing classes, then quit about 12 -13 yrs ago. I’m looking into maybe getting a kart, there’s what looks like a nice track about 30min from me (AMP), but there’s nothing else within about 4hrs, just checking stuff out.


I’m mid-20s, work as a race engineer in IMSA, and have been competitively kart racing for about 3-4 years now. I raced Yamaha SuperCan, but that class has kind of died off locally, and I blew up my engine last season. So I’m looking for a new 100cc air cooled engine to have fun with this year!

Debating the Rok VLR or IAME KA. My kart is pretty old (2005 GP Racing GP5 32mm, but only about 1 full season on the chassis), so I would likely just be racing at the club level. Road America is allowing both engines, Badger only the KA. But I would need other chassis/bodywork upgrades to be legal to race at Badger. Feeling like the Rok is the better choice for this season until I can get the budget for newer chassis/equipment for next season. Spend the savings on tires/transport. Joined the forum for nice discussion on the engines and chassis!

Hey Forum,
My dad started racing motorcycles while I was in the womb and since then I’ve been to BlackHawk Farms almost every year. I’ll go to K1 indoor every great once in a while, but don’t really prefer it. While I don’t have the two wheel bug like my dad does, I have been following certain IMSA drivers and told myself I can do that. And so, here I am beginning my mid-life crisis. Looking to get into either KA100 or X30 as that’s most popular amongst most of the series/clubs around me (Badger Kart, Route 66, River Valley Kart)
I’m looking forward to bugging you all with the same old rookie questions if I can’t find them first.

I like this term! Welcome!

They are both terrific. I’d say the IAME generally would be my go to from what I’ve heard TJ and the gang who have raced the engines say. That being said, if everyone is in ROK in your neck of the woods, go with that.

It’s a heck of a track and facility. They don’t get nicer. It’s a very long track with a great deal of significant elevation change. Here’s some old laps in sim. If you ever find yourself needing to learn the track, Kartkraft has AMP.

It’s the best mid life crisis! Unlike getting a Porsche or Corvette (or sleeper bagged Volvo wagon), you can actually drive these things (karts) with intent. Welcome.

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