New Member Welcome! Dec 20 - 26 2018

A very big welcome to our new members this week: Dec 20 - 26th!


Thanks so much for joining the KartPulse community.
Introduce yourself below, let us know where you’re from and how you’re involved with karting.

My name is Paulo. I’m from Brazil and i live in Fort myers FL. I just bought a eazykart iame 125 for myself and and a kid kart for my daughter. racing is a passion of mine and hopefully I’ll be racing soon when i get the hang of how these karts work. I’m glad to have found the kart pulse community, very helpful

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Hey Paulo. Glad you found the forums here. Where in Brazil are you from? Did you kart when you lived there?

Hi James. I came from Santa catarina when i was 8. I’ve never really karted before besides the odd the rental here and there. I’m planning on learning the ins and outs of karting with this old kart and buy a new at the end of the year

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Welcome, Paulo,
It’s a fun journey, started mine last year. Lots of us newbies around. Coincidentally my dad just got back from Brazil with his girlfriend. They loved it!