New Member Welcome! Feb 19 - 24 2019

Big welcome to our new members this week: Feb 19th - 24th


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.

Introduce yourself below! Tell us a little about how you’re involved with karting.

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Hello KP!
I have been lurking for awhile and finally became a member. I wrench for my son who is competing in the Rok Shifter category as a rookie here on the left coast using GFC chassis and Swedetech engines. Most of my racing background as a driver/rider was motorcycles and cars with a brief stint in ICC shifters back in 2003-4. I have about 5 years tuning experience with karts and still learn something new every time we are at the track. There is so much great info on this site and hopefully I can contribute a little bit. Cheers!

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Welcome. Where in the world are you guys racing?

Mostly California. Rok shifter is growing rapidly and we have so many racing options. Trying to squeeze in 20+ races this season.

Nice. Skusa land. I used to take my son out to jim hall in Oxnard to kart. Sadly, his track is going away.

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I’m not familiar with that track but it is never good news when tracks close. We are based in Northern California.

That’s a high compliment Scott, thanks. Been watching GFC’s new adventure. Branding is on point.

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You are very welcome, James. Myself, and I’m sure many others appreciate the service KP provides the karting community. GFC is probably a topic for another thread but I must say…My son and I took a leap of faith and bought his shifter chassis in December and it turned out to be the best racing decision we have ever made. Gary is truly knowledgeable about all things karting and not afraid to share his knowledge and experience with customers equally. Whether one shows up to the track with a kart strapped to the roof of a car or high dollar rig. Gary is pure class and has deep passion for this sport.

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