New Member Welcome! January 05 - January 11, 2021

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Howdy folks!
I’m a new karter. Back in my 20s I had a modest career as a bicycle racer. Being 6 years removed from my last race and having spent that time focusing on work and my career I’ve got that speed itch again.

About 2 years ago I did some indoor rental lapping and racing. I was consistently last in the races but made steady improvement on my times. Unfortunately the track is 90 minutes away and the league times didn’t work with my schedule.

Then I got a Miata and did a bunch of driving and a bit of autocross. That’s fun, but it’s a lot of standing around for 4 minutes of seat time. I thought about doing track days but Atlanta and Carolina Motorsports are the closest tracks at 3 hours away and costs quickly add up there.

About a month ago I decided to finally drive the 1:45 out to GoPro, and golly-gee! That’s way funner than indoor karts that go bounce bounce through turns and never quite grip right. No offense to indoor, they are great for what they are.

I’m planning to move from a condo into a house this year and will be looking to buy an lo206 after I do that. I figure that if outdoor karts are more fun than indoor, then dropping 100lbs of bodywork, using stickier tires, and always knowing the condition of my kart will be even more fun. It’s also cheaper than doing HPDE in the Miata while driving faster (to scale). I’m planning to get over to GoPro for rental lapping until I do buy my kart.


Welcome. Bear in mind that some facilities rent storage for the season.

GoPro Motorplex storage units cost $3000/year or more so it’s out of budget. I could rent a regular storage unit but I’m saving for the down payment so I’d have to sell Miata to free up money and I’m not quite ready to do that.

Zoiks! They must (deservedly) be printing $ down there. Popular place meets supply/demand.

WHOA! At my local track its I think around $1000 a year, and I considered that expensive