New Member Welcome! January 14 - January 20, 2020

Big welcome to our new members this week: January 14th - January 20th!


Thank you so much for joining the Kartpulse community.
Introduce yourself below! Tell us a little about how you’re involved with karting.

Thanks for the welcome!

We (my son and I) started in Karting ten years ago after he realized that motocross was fun and Kart racing caught our eye. We had a friend that sold us one of his old 1980’s Bug Karts with a KT100, and he came out and supported us for a 4 hour endurance event (at CHMS) that my son and I ended up placing third at (out of 18 teams), our first event. We did a couple Sprint races after we bought a newer 2005 Margay chassis but we kind of fell away. This past spring I purchased a Briggs lo206 for the chassis and we have practiced a couple times. Getting ready to run some races in the spring at NTK.

Thanks again for the welcome!



Ooh. NTK! I love that track in sim. If you youtube races put up your handle so I can sub. Welcome! Nice job on the enduro. Podium first time must have been unexpected.