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Hi everyone my name is Bud , Im a retired Motorcycle roadracer . I attended my first race after Christmas last year and decided to get a Kart because I miss the speed and am getting to the point I dont heal so fast anymore to continue motorcycle racing. I live in Summerfield ,FL and Ocala Gran Prix will be my home track. Im having a few issues with the kart I got for track days ,it’s a CRG kart with an IAME 125cc looks to be a pre 08. Any line on parts would be appreciated. Thanks for the help so far, Keep the wheels down !

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Welcome, Bud! :racing_car::motorcycle::kick_scooter::helicopter: 20 chars

Welcome to the forum :grinning:

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You could check out Comet Kart Sales. They are based outside Indianapolis, have a huge selection and thorough website. I have tried a few others, but their Customer Support is awesome!! They also offer free ground shipping on orders over $200 I think.