New Member Welcome! Mar 25 - Apr 1, 2019

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Hi All!

I’m a 29 year old newbie to the sport, my dad used to race 4 strokes at our local track before he left the sport to pursue other interests, mainly restoring classic cars and fishing. Growing up one of my first mechanical projects was to rebuild an older 4-stroke and “race” it around my grandparents backyard. I have always been a fan of racing and anything that goes fast, having built several motorcycles and cars with my younger brother. Now that I am an adult (and I have the funding) I have decided to dive into racing, and where better to start than in Karting? I haven’t purchased a Kart yet, but I have been researching my local tracks and have been taking note on what classes they run and I am leaning toward a 100cc 2-stroke Kart which I can hopefully upgrade into a 125 TaG Kart in the future after I get my skills honed a bit.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your karting community!


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