New to Karting, need help for new kart

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and I have recently joined because I was gifted an old go kart

The Kart hasn’t run in over 10 years and was hanging on a garage wall. I was told it was a 2-stroke and manual with clutch 125cc. I love cars and car racing and know a little mechanic but since I am unsure as to how to restore this amazing kart if even possible.

I am not sure how these high RPM engines are in terms of fragility after so many years of being stored.

It doesn’t seem as the fluid was taken out and I have not started the engine yet I know I will have to replace a few bolts. Clean the brakes and replaces lines and wires, but I was curious to know your opinion as knowledgeable go kart mechanics.

Considering I want to use it at the track (not competitively) but still use it properly, should I go see a kart mechanic in my area to restore it to make sure everything is in good working condition or do it all myself.

My goal is to make this thing work no matter what.

Thanks again for reading

We’ll welcome, it ought to clean up pretty good. What I would do:

Pull off the cylinder jacket and get a look inside for condition and corrosion
Replace all seals in motor and brake system
Replace brake discs
Replace bearings - wheels, axle cassettes etc
Replace brake lines
Overhaul the carb

That said, it’s a shifter kart - not exactly the machine to learn on. I’d consider pulling off the motor completely and put a 206 in it or something. If you’re hell bent on running 2 stroke a KA100 TAG will be much more user friendly starting out.


Thank you very much for your reply! I’ll look into it.

Agree with Richard, it’s not exactly a learner kart being it’s a shifter, it’s a pretty potent weapon. I would make sure someone who is familiar with it can take a look at it and check over the brakes etc. to assure that it’s safe before jumping in the seat. Legitimately, a shifter can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, so just take it slow and make sure all the Ts are crossed and Is are dotted.

Looks to be pre-2000 spec with the angled side pod bars, lack of a full rear bumper and skinny axle. It might need a fair bit of TLC to get it in proper running order. Not familiar with that engine setup, but can make out the TM on the side.

I would take it to your local kart shop and have them give it thorough look-over.

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Good spot on the TM logo! Took me a second, but upon some research it appears this may be an engine from a 1985-ish TM 125MX.


Thank you very much for your reply!