Newbie here!

Hey everyone my names Clark.
I’m 28 located in Louisiana near New Orleans.
I’m looking to get pretty serious about karting. I have a choice between doing a budget track car like a old Honda or a Miata or karting with the money I’m looking to spend. Seems like karting is the best bang for the buck and the most quality seat time.
I’m doing arrive and drive stuff right now as well as a arrive and drive league when my local track opens back up.

I’m mainly looking on advice on getting started as well as getting into L0206 and what chassis would be good for a beginner. I do have wrenching experience (installed parts and my supercharger kit on my old 5th gen camaro) so I could learn about wrenching on a kart.

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Hey Clark,
Welcome. Sounds like you’ve already started and gotten to stage 2, buying a kart.
Do you have a handle on what series you’d participate in wether club or otherwise? Chassis and engine package tend to be what’s locally popular.

I’ve pretty much made up my mind on entering L0206. As for chassis I’m looking for something used. I’m considering even buying a used kart and converting whatever motor is on it to the Briggs crate engine package. It seems like it’s fairly straight forward.
What are some things you wish you guys knew before you started?

I would highly advise to make sure you buy a chassis that is specifically made for 4 strokes like the L0206. Figuring out base setup with the chassis was feel more “right” because it will have the right engine made for the chassis on it.

So many things. Rib protector for one. Sunscreen and hat. Foldable chair, etc.

As far as which kart, whatever the rest of the gang runs. Typically there will be a couple outfits that may or may not be connected to the track that sell and service new and used. Odds are thats where most of the karts locally raced are coming from. Ergo, that’s the brand (for parts reasons) you will likely want to buy.

All of the racing karts are good. Its a tiny market and there’s no knockoffs or anything like that. They all cost about the same, too. Obviously fun-karts are a different story. Plenty of dangerous crap there.

What are some examples of L0206 chassis I should be on the look out for? And as far as a used chassis is concerned I know there are a few things to look out for like scrapes in the frame, bends, shoddy welds etc. But is there a date limit I should steer away from. Obviously buying newer when you can is ideal and condition is a factor but for apples to apples would a CRG chassis from 2014 be just as competitive as a CRG chassis from 2019 provided they are both taken care of and up to date on inspections and maintenance?

I recently bought a rib protector (the elite Bengio model) and i must say that thing is the greatest investment yet! As far as chassis choice that is up to you. I love CRG (doesnt mean they are the best) but it helps they are pushing into the 4 cycle class chassis more so in the past few years.
In my opinion if the chassis isnt cracked and checks out straight on a professional jig then using a chassis only a few years old is a fine idea. I started with an 08 one year, 11 the next year and now a 17 this year. The only real factor i see on these newer chassis is 1 better braking system and 2 more finer adjustable camber/caster settings.

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“206 chassis” are a relatively recent phenomenon. Arguably the largest difference with them is that they tend to come in at a lower price point, an axle keyed for onboard drive and a little more clearance from the rear crossbar behind the seat.

I’d put that as “nice to have” but by no means essential.

Age wise if the chassis has a rear bumper that covers the rear wheels and side pod brackets that are at a 90deg angle with the chassis you are good. Plastic rear bumpers are newer, however you can swap the older steel ones with plastic as well.

I generally say buy based on condition vs age.

Thanks for the info guys I’m looking to make a move soon-ish on a kart. Does anyone’s local track do karting memberships? My home track Nola motorsports just started and it looks like it might be a good deal 60 free arrive and drive days a year discounts on kart storage for your own kart and I think like 20 member only track days for your own kart, also discounts on karting gear and apparel, and discounts on rental league race nights. So other tracks do this as well? What’s your experience been if so?