NHKA WF Engine Rules

Hey All,
I am just getting into a kart myself after getting my son a 206 Cadet kart last year. I bought a used WF kart that has the stock red engine seal tag. However, I am reading through some of the communications with the NHKA about a new box stock seal for the 2019 season. Can anyone comment on whether I need to get my engine retagged or is this for engines that were blueprinted in previous years? Just want to get myself ahead of it so I can get this taken care of early and not be blindsided a week before the season starts…


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I saw there was a response on FaceBook, so I’ll add it here for others…

Hi Shaun. Thanks for your question. An engine with a red seal will have to be inspected. The engine may or may not need work to reseal but the inspector will let you know exactly what it needs. We will have the proper info for the inspection process at the banquet.
See you there.

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Hi Shaun my name is Rick and race WF with the NHKA. Feel free to call me and I will answer any questions you have 978 204 7458. All engines need a blue NHKA seal for next season. All engines need to be box stock from now on.


If your engine has a red CPG seal it may have been blueprinted and will need to be checked out. You can find all of this info at under WF rules. Again feel free to call with any questions!

Thanks for the info. I will likely give you a call to discuss this a bit more. Would you be available in the evenings? I might even be able to reach out tonight. As I said my boy is doing 206 Cadet, and those rules are pretty straight forward. The WF rules are changing from last year and having not even raced last year I am trying to catch up. I bought the Kart from someone that raced NHKA last year who said the motor was box stock, but still assumed it didn’t have the correct tag…

I am available evenings usually after 6

Who did you buy the kart from?

Got it from Keith Mackenzie. It is a GP kart.