NJ lo206 Class

I want to see if there is enough interest to start a lo206 class up in and gather names and see if would be viable to do it.

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Put me down. I have an engine that’s good at least.

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Would be nice to see 206 finally gain traction over there.

If you want people to self-submit their interest you can connect a google form to the sheet.

Can’t seem to add name. Trying in Google excel but not editable.

Weird it should be editable if you have a link

Ok I changed it you should be able to edit now not just view it

Looks like you added me, thanks.

no problem hoping we can bring four stoke kart racing to NJ

I don’t think Marco is very keen.

Yeah Marco thinks there lawn mower engines but I can always start a new series or partner with a different series. I have to see if there is anybody that is actually interested

Your right that would definitely be way better of way of doing this thank you

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Could you just fill out the google forum I think this would be better like James suggested

Submitted. 20 characters

Thank you hopefully I’ll have good news that we will have enough people.

I hope he’ll come around to being more accepting of Briggs and KA

Stars Championship Series will offer 206 and KA at NJMP when they roll into town though :wink:

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Did this ever take off?..i have a kart with a lo206

Nope. Other than OVRP ignite club series, nothing.

Stars is at NJMP this weekend, however.