No Beadlock Screws on New Wheels

I just received some new Douglas aluminum wheels and I noticed that they don’t have beadlock screws. Are they not necessary for these wheels then (I am running LO206)? Or am I supposed to drill them myself (seems like a bad idea if you don’t know what you’re doing)?

If they didn’t come with holes, then you don’t need them. In 206 you don’t need beadlocks anyways.

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DWT wheels don’t have beadlocks and don’t need drilled for them. From my experience they’re a slightly larger diameter to make up for it. Makes them a bear to seat the bead on the tires but never come loose or leak.

Aluminum wheels typically don’t have beadlocks, as they’re used for harder compounds or rain tires. Those tires don’t want to debead themselves during a race. Once you get to stickier tires like an MG Yellow. You run the risk of debeading a tire, which is when beadlocks would be important. You shouldn’t need to drill holes if your wheels didn’t come with them.