Nola Motorsports Park Endurance Race

Entering my first rental endurance race on Saturday! Super stoked for it too! 3 driver minimum and a 4 hour enduro. Any tips tricks or advice for an endurance event?

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Few drivers the better. You get a more endurance feel. We did a 10 hour endurance race with just two of us. Part of doing an endurance race is wearing yourself out and pushing yourself to the limit. JMO

For our short ones that are two hours we swirth roughly every 1/2 hr, mandatory switch. Thats not a difficult session in a 4-stroke. I am guessing you are 4-stroke fit. I am extremely jealous and hope you have great weather.

Yeah there’s a minimum of 3 to a team for the 4 hour enduro. Looking for our third still so if anyone knows anyone near the New Orleans area who would be down we’d love to hear back.

Sorry just looked more into the event page but it is a 2 hour enduro with a practice session and a 15 minute qualifying. And I’m trying to get myself 4 stroke fit especially through the new year. Figured I’d start a little early :joy: