Norberg using Starlane Lap Timer

I noticed in recent norberg videos that he is not using the old trusty Mychron4 that he usually runs. A comment on a video asked what he was using and he noted it was a Starlane device. I had not heard of them so I looked them up and they look pretty awesome!

It looks like he is using the Corsaro-II from what I can tell: GPS+GLONASS+GALILEO Lap timer with Touch Screen. Lean Angle optional. Karting - CORSARO-II PRO Kart-Scooter Bundle

While the hardware, wireless sensors, touchscreen and GPS tech seem impressive, what got me the most excited is that they have their own data analysis software called MAAT which is available for Windows, Mac, Android and a iOS app coming soon. The lack of Mac and iOS support from AIM / Race Studio bugs me so this is pretty cool to see. It doesnt look like the software supports Mychron data though.

Has anyone here used one of these Starlane lap timers? Curious about the experience!

“CORSARO is surely, by full right, the most innovative product in the field for the philosophy by virtue of which it has been conceived and designed, as well as for its technology enclosed in a compact design executed with the greatest care”

Ooof. That’s a sentence.

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Yeah they’ve been used by kart republic pretty since kart republic was born in europe.

Look up New Gen Motorsports on FB. They are local to me and have been playing with them.

I still use a My4 with expansion box and GPS, which far exceeds my data needs.