Norcal Shifters and TrackMagic Owners Group BBQ

I’m not going to make it a habit to use KartPulse as my own promotion tool to yank my own stick, but I’m sharing this post for two reasons.

#1 - James and Davin have a saying about the general karting community regarding ideas and "what you should do to make it a better sport. They can correct me, but it is along the lines of “Just Do A Thing”. Quit talking, quit pontificating, quit talking, and quit talking. Just do one thing to help make it a better community. I’m an ideas guy. I’m a “I am GOING to do”, I WANT to do, I’m Thinking About guy. That is me.

One of my favorite listens is Gary Vaynerchuck or Gary V. One of his podcasts struck me at the soul. He basically said you, as in me, is not unique. You are not a super genius because you have an idea. You are not Jeff Bezos or Steve Jobs because of an idea. Everyone has an idea. Some have more than others. Some are good, some are bad, but most of us have an idea.
Bezos and Jobs executed on an idea. That is their difference. They did a thing. So with Davin and James in my ear about doing a thing, and Gary Vee saying your ideas are shit if you don’t take action or execute, I put my ideas into motion. So to KP and GV, Thank you!

#2 - I’m sharing my recent post because James and I have chatted for years in the background. We seem like minded in the perception of what we want to see in our (all of us) community.

Today I experienced an event that was much needed in my focus for karting as well as just a breath of fresh air.

So, I am doing a thing!

NorCal Shifters and TrackMagic Owners Group BBQ


I’m glad you did a thing, and look forward to seeing you doing more. I think you’re off to a good start. I know how hard it is to commit to something that’s a passion but equally hard to find a viable business for. For me it meant KartPulse replacing my own racing in life. Which ties back to the point I made during our chat on the first podcast about having varying ways to participate in the sport*

Where creating interesting content and capturing conversations is concerned, make it a habit.

One of the reasons KP exists is to create a space for people to explore all kinds of karting content. Also, help support people creating content by connecting them with a larger audience. Everyone wins and we create a cool place for us (and future) karting enthusiasts to get engrossed in kart racing stuff. Especially for those of us that get a winter.

As long as the content brings value to the karting community, I’m down for it being published here and I hope to be able to do more to support creators in the sport.

So let me know what we can do as well.

*That said I’m open to arrive and drive opportunities :wink:


I always wondered what happened to Trackmagic. The brand was owned by a guy I worked for and I remember seeing Memo Gidley around when he was in the team. I assume it sort of died with the owner as it was a passion project. In any case, they would be fun to see.


In my opinion, Trackmagic died the day after Fausto’s passing. A couple of individuals tried to keep the name alive, but the passion was gone. I don’t think they understood what Trackmagic meant to Fausto and his crew.
It was an attitude.
There was a national race in Tucson, AZ and Trackmagic factory driver Gary Carlton (GFC) received the news that Fausto had passed. Gary is a fiery personality and was unable to hide his emotion. The main event, GFC was not to be denied the win in the pinnacle shifter class. It was a very odd podium presentation. It was very somber. I don’t think Gary popped the cork on the champagne.
Last weekend, there were a group of Trackmagic fans and the old crew.
The name and brand lives on


Delayed response but yeah, that’s classic Fausto as I remembered him. If he had an idea, he’d run with it. He started so many companies to see what would stick. Trackmagic was clearly a passion thing as he and his biz partners were total gear heads. Most of his companies were skateboard related, but you probably knew him and probably knew that. I was saddened to hear of his passing. Jake Phelps just passed away recently as well, sadly.

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I saw that right after this topic kicked off. The attitude and “lifestyle” aspects of Trasher are something I’d like to incorporate into karting in some way. Not quite to the same extremes.

Skateboarding seemed to do OK with it.

I just noticed this thread myself. Glad to see you doing more things, Jason. :slight_smile: