Not karting but a good example of lightness and smoothness trumping power

This is not karting but it is pretty impressive in terms of efficient riding. The guy in the football outfit on the 100cc carries his momentum so well he wins against the 750cc super bikes. Give it a couple laps for him to build up steam and prepare to be impressed. I am guessing it’s a question of geometry and weight.

I am also guessing this is China from the air pollution masks. (Can’t tell if it’s mandarin or not.)

In any case, delete if not appropriate.


That is quite astonishing. I think this should be in the driving epiphany category.

I could not look away! That was awesome. Dude looks so chill like he’s out for a Sunday cruise.

His entries into those turns were smooth.

Awesome! I think I would be embarrassed if I was any of the guys that got beat. They were all just out ridden!

It’s Japan. It’s called Auto Race and they use Suzuki AR600 motors, which is why every bike is a Suzuki.