Now you don’t have to choose between Karting and breaking things

So this is a little different… A smash room and indoor kart track at the same location.

Say hello to Smash Room, “a safe and controlled environment for people to get their adrenaline pumping by smashing everyday objects to pieces by themselves or with their friends and then not have to clean up the mess afterwards.”

All they need now is to serve liquor and chainsaws.

I’m so bitter about the smash room thing. I literally had the exact same business idea years ago.

think of the clean up. Your job is far less messy.

It’s a fad, & it’ll fade from the business landscape after a while. Better to invest time/$/experience developing something that will have a more committed customer base & longer term potential. Unless you just want to build & sell your business, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

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Don’t we break enough stuff karting anyway? Sprockets, chains, hubs, wheels…

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