Number plates for newbs

I was looking at number plates why is there white and yellow backs do i need to use one as i am new? Sorry

From what ive seen its personal preference based on what you like. Now it is possible theres some karting org out there that uses the colors for that purpose but ive never seen it. Rookies are usually asked to have an x taped on the back of the helmet or on the back number plate so as faster karts come up behind they can quickly tell that they should give a little more room when passing.

I know skusa uses different color backgrounds for different classes. I haven’t seen a local club require background colors. Most at the least will have some requirements for the size of your number and position of them. I think as long as it’s easy to ready from all sides of kart you shouldn’t have a problem.

SKUSA changed that this last year. Everyone should be yellow background, except for the national champions have a black background. They use the number to determine classes now.

However, it’s best to check with the club or organization that someone is running, because they can each have their own thing.

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At the local track there was an orange plate for rookies rule. Minimum of 3 races.

As said check where you run.