Older kart, local club racing, am I wasting my time?

I originally picked up a 99 crg Daytona heron to do some lead and follow practice with my 5 year old. My main focus is on his karting and development. I’ve recently put some thought into entering into some of the events we go to just for fun. It’s got a 206 on it and aside from minor wear on the underside of the rails the frame seems pretty straight. On a lower hp kart does an older chassis stand a chance of running competitively or am I wasting my time?

Enjoy yourself and use the kart you have! Hey when you beat the guy in his 2020 Tony Kart whether it be for 1st or 12th place it will bring you immense satisfaction!

In 1993 Senna still beat Prost in his MP4/8 even though Prost had far superior equipment!

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If it’s straight and everything works, send it.

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Indeed it does. I’m currently about 3 seconds behind the fast guys at my local track. Ive only been out 3-4 times.

An older chassis with moderate time on its clock will not be a disadvantage in the Briggs class. I personally have run a 2003 chassis for 8 seasons and won several club championships with it. One of the keys to being competitive in LO206 is doing lots of laps and trying to follow the faster drivers around the track to learn the limits so that you can decrease your lap times.

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