Older Kartlift Info Needed

Anyone have experience with this older KartLift and or spare parts? I’ve been trying to get the company to help out, but no response. I know the actuator etc are from medical lifts. I just put new batteries in the battery pack and still nothing happens, hoping someone has fixed one of these and has some insight. It was basically thrown in free with a used kart I bought and I really want to see it working. Plan B is new actuator.

Really hard to get parts for these anymore, it’s likely KartLift has nothing because there were basically no spares left before my dad sold the company.

You probably will need to go direct to manufacturer for any of the battery, gas struts, or actuator parts.

Might be a bad switch. I’ve got 1 of those still, & it still works great. I upgraded my broken switch to a more robust unit through Tim, back when it was still his baby, as he’d found the original switch was somewhat lacking.

I know the new owner of KartLift(I race his track). As TJ said, this is a old style KartLift, the new owner has no spares or much knowledge of this style. All his lift are winch based.

To troubleshoot it, I would isolate the problem one by one. Disconnect the wire and test if the switch is doing the job, disconnect the actuator and test if it is working.

Got it, thanks for the insight guys. By switch I assume you mean the remote with up/down buttons?

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The early OEM switch was somewhat dimunitive. The upgrade I have on mine is heavier duty.

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I bought mine second hand, has a complete custom battery back and operating switches now. Haven’t had any issues with it, great stand!

Have any photos of the custom switches and batteries? Thanks!

I’ll try to snap some of the upgraded switch when I can get a free moment.

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Hey Jordan, would love to see your setup as well if you don’t mind!

Hey just wanted to see if you had time to snap a couple pics of the updated battery and switch? Thanks!

Hey let me know if you have time to share a photo, thanks!