Older snipers

Picked up these for really cheap, can’t find a manual or anything on how to use them since they’re different than usual snipers, any advice?

The open ends are sized to fit over the stub axle, as opposed to the new version sitting on top of the stub axle. Top hold should be 17mm, bottom should be 25mm with a removable insert that opens then up to 40mm. Usually there is a knob on the side that you use to snug it up once level, or you can use spacers in combination with the nut on the end of the stub axle to tighten down.

You may want to double check that they’re calibrated correctly, but otherwise they’ll work just as well as a brand new set of snipers.

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How do you measure sweep with them? The ones I got seem like they don’t use the ruler like the new ones do, or can I use the ruler?

You can use a normal ruler or measuring tape. Remove fuel tank and use the holder to get it center