Online Kart Parts Retailers (USA/Europe?)

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While I can appreciate the ease of shopping online, it hasn’t been as popular in karting here it seems. Part of the benefit to building a relationship with a local shop is having a resource for tuning or setup advice, along with parts availability. It’s going to be pretty tough to ship a tie-rod to you from an online retailer before your final if you bend one in the heat race.

For some things online shopping is definitely viable though. Comet is a popular one for online ordering, and Franklin Motorsports has a pretty decent online catalog as well I think. I know quite a few people have used Koene as well for OTK parts.

Most karting shop guys are really great in my experience. They’ve dedicated their livelihood to this sport we love, so they must have a fairly good emotional connection to it. Plus, building those relationships can be helpful and rewarding when you break something mid-day and need a replacement for the final, and they let you “borrow” a part if you give them a beer at the end of the day.

Did you have some kind of bad experience with a dealer in the past that you’re so against it?