Oscillations in kart frame - KartKraft

Hello. This may be a sim thing but I think I saw some discussion at one point.

The kart gets an oscillation in it that grows and then ebbs. It gets to the point that the kart is hopping and you can lose control.

Hitting a kerb can set it off but high speed sweepers seem to be especially problematic.

Here’s a vid.

Any ideas what to tune to get rid of this?

Looks like some kind of error in the physics engine of the game.

Ok so random hopping isn’t a thing then?

Nothing happens randomly on a kart in the real world. The kart is inert and only responds to the forces and inputs you give it and the constraints of the physical world.

My point was that this looks super unusual and not something I have seen in this context in the real world, so it’s likely some anomaly in the physics engine of the game itself. I’m not a game developer so I don’t know how that sort of stuff works, but “hopping” in a real kart is a sequence of issues involving deflection of multiple types of metal and other materials, and I find it hard to believe that KK could attain that kind of fidelity to replicate “hopping” within the sim. I could be wrong.

I believe a lot of times in sim games like this, there are tweaks and changes within the code to get the kart to feel realistic, without programming the entirety of known physics into the game. So no matter how close the game feels, it won’t quite be the same as real-life and there could be anomalies in the handling or physics if you hit a bump wrong or some outlying input is sent through the physics engine.

It’s just important to remember that this is a game and any driving or tuning should be viewed through that lens, regardless of how realistic it gets.

Sure, agreed. That being said they are modeling something. Things can get kooky and what happens IRL gets exaggerated.

I thought I recalled a discussion about this or some other problem that involved hopping.

Maybe it’s tuneable.

Widen the rear track, and more importantly, don’t hit that curb.

I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

I assume the throttle chopping isn’t your doing. Almost looks like the response to a lateral input (ie. curb impact) is being over exaggerated, or at least, the initial reaction to it is expressed in a loop-like execution, such that it seems to continue to reverberate. At most, maybe you should’ve experienced some sliding after the initial hit.

That almost looked like the kind of reaction I’d expect to see in a MC sim where the bike got into a tank slapper initiated by a momentary loss of traction at rear wheel while accelerating out of a turn. That won’t happen with 4 wheels on the ground, as far as I know.

That’s funny you mention that. It feels exactly what it looks like when a moto gp guy starts understeer wobblimg and it gets worse. Eventually it flings you.

This is exactly that. Also, its not the kerb, although that brings it on. Its that turn, regardless of the kerb.

The other place I also get this is in the fast exit to the downhill straight. The common thing is that there is a big lateral polar shift.

Yeah, if anything, with 4 wheels on the ground, you would either regain traction & vector in whatever direction the fronts are going, or continue sliding.

Tank slappers are unique to the elliptical profile of MC tires which offer limited traction & enable the vertical aspect of how they turn, in combination with angular momentum of the (mainly) wheels & crank. Shouldn’t see behavior like this on 4 wheels.

Here’s a good one. I did widen the rear 10mm and it helped a little bit not really. I’ll assume it’s a physics issue. TJ is probably correct on this one.

I am guessing that I am seeing a ffb “loop” where IRL feedback is causing oscillation in the rig which is amplified by my bass shakers. Test would be turn them off.

Here’s me getting sick air in the same spot after tires give out and I hit cones left…