OTK Stub axle - mirrored angle?

Just cleaning and rebuilding the chassis and I noticed that when I took both the stub axles off the arms that connect to the tie rods are not at the same angle, Is this normal? The right stub axle arm has a slight increase in angle. (Or could be seen as the left has less angle)

Edit: I did have some contact this year that resulted in a bend tie rod/steering rod… didn’t notice the stub axle till the front end was fully disassembled and they were sitting beside each other

Sounds like something could be bent if you were involved in an accident. I would recommend getting some snipers on there to check out the front geometry. Ask around at your local track and see if someone has them and see if they would be willing to take a look at your kart with them. I’d throw them a few bucks to diagnose it. May shed some light on what is possibly bent from the stub axles to the chassis itself.

The chassis itself was bent and was straightened, just curious if the stub arms are offset from the factory or if they should be the mirrored angle.

They should be matched. One got tweaked in the wreck. No biggie. Run as is or get it close with an adjustable wrench and some leverage.