Paddle Shifter

Im thinking of going to a paddle shifter. Thinking it would be a fun add-on but it is expensive. I have read some post but looking for some current feedback- durability and do they work?

I’m interested in the ME Shifter with electronic shifting system.

I’m a sprint & road racer, I run a CRG Road Rebel with a CR125 Stock Honda class.

check out the topic “paddle shift?” lots of information in it

You might have considered this already, but in case you or anyone reading this hasn’t…

Paddle shifters are not allowed in many of the typical shifter classes or require an exception, so make sure you check with the track/series you’re running.

In road racing I think it might put you in an unlimited class, unless you get an exception from them.

Of course for testing/practice, it’s open.

Oh shoot, I didnt think of that! Thanks for the heads up.

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No worries. It’s not 100% no, just saying make sure you check.

I just checked, not allowed. Thanks for the heads up