Part Suppliers - Good and Bad

I started to order parts, and quit a bit since I’m just getting started, and I’ve had an issue with not getting tracking numbers. Not trying to throw any one supplier under the bus, but sending out tracking numbers so I can watch for my package be delivered is important to me. I just spent hundreds of dollars each on different orders and I don’t know when they are going to show up.

They were responsive to the first two times I asked for tracking numbers, but for my 3rd and largest order I’ve gotten nothing after emailing them. Packages turned up today with no notice. Does anyone have better luck with one supplier over the other?

My wife just sent me this randomly also. Wonder if they can deliver to the trailer next?

I was just going to post something about this. I usually call Jim Perry @ CKT Racing to order parts. Old school brick and mortar shop, no online ordering. If I order online I stick to Comet Kart Sales, Acceleration Karting, TS Racing, or Rieken’s Racing and get tracking numbers provided from all of them.

My bigger complaint has been backorders and lack of inventory. Anyone else experience this lately? Seats, tires, wheels, bodywork, and hardware have all been out of stock. I understand the majority of this stuff comes from overseas but this has been the worst luck I’ve had trying to get parts in a long time.

Can anyone confirm that Douglas is no longer producing mag wheels? I’ve been told this a couple times trying to get SE series wheels…

I’ve had nothing but great experiences so far and I’ve pretty much tried all of the online ones that I know of that support my stock Honda shifter. In no particular order I’ve used Sharkshifter, Comet Kart Sales, Acceleration Karting, BMI Kart Parts, Fastech, and eShifter Kart. I’ve been really impressed with all of them for how fast they ship! The only difference is some of them are physically closer to me living in Michigan so if I have a time crunch between races I’ll use the closer ones. I’ll check prices on a particularly expensive part and go with the cheapest place. Otherwise, some of them send me stickers so I guess that’s cool :sunglasses:

I’m pretty sure all of the ones I listed gave me tracking numbers.

I’ve placed 3 orders through Comet and was never give a tracking number or told that orders were shipped. I emailed each time after a few days and only tracking numbers for the first two via email. Comet seems to have good prices and cheap shipping. The last order included my kart stand, so I wanted to let the shipping department know at work when it was coming since its heavy and I prefer not to have it at my desk.

I want to order a Ribtech seat now and Comet says it’s a special order, so not sure how long it take to get. Comet usually takes a day to email back also. I’m sure this is a busy time of year and everyone is ordering parts and gear. Took me while to get a suit that fit by ordering online. Not even sure where there is brick and motor store to try stuff on or get fitted.

Got my kart used and they came with Douglas mag wheels, two sets. I guess I might want to hold onto them. :money_mouth_face: is my go to. Only place I have ever ordered from and let me tell you their customer service is second to none.

For OTK parts - Jim Perry, CKT, Chicago.

For non-manufacturer-specific parts - Kevin at East Lansing Kart Track has almost everything nowadays and there’s no shipping to worry about

Just got a email reply from Comet on the packages that I got yesterday and are already in the trailer. I think I will try Fastech next, prices look good and the I like the way everything is organized for easy searching.

Fastech and Acceleration are my go-to’s because they’re close, have great websites, and are helpful if I call with questions. I met both of them in California last month and they were awesome. The Acceleration guys were unbelievably friendly and helpful on track even though we were in the same class. It was refreshing seeing people that friendly and humble in the midst of competition.

I usually check out Sharkshifter before ordering from anyone else because their prices are a lot lower on certain items. They ship fast which is nice too.

Basically if a store is willing to answer all of my dumb questions and ships quick I’m happy. I haven’t had any bad experiences from any of the online stores.