Pass for the lead

I just wanted to share this video from my daughter’s race this weekend. She made a pass for the lead and took the win. She said she made the pass “Formula 1 style”. You can tell she was happy as she crosses the line with a little fist pump. Just had to share as a proud dad moment, especially since it was her fastest night of racing.


That was a heck of a pass. 54 didn’t stand a chance.

You’d have to be happy with that! :+1:

Great move! Congrats.

Got him at the end of the DRS zone :grin:, well played!


She looked really smooth. The other kid was looking like she/he was feeling the pressure and making little slippy slides. I guess all the nipping at the heels worked!

Thanks everyone. It was excitement for me since this was one of the first passes that she setup and executed like this.

Nice driving. Hit her marks. Really well done!

That’s really great. Congratulations.

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That’s awesome. I bet you guys were pumped afterwards. Did you get ice cream?