Picking Up Rear Tires

Ah ok yeah I’m guessing it’ll come together for me once I actually try it on track

I hear ya’ Al, but having actually never having run the Rotax I am only going by what I have heard from those who have. It just seems to be the Nature of their setup… More to the point was about driving. How you take a corner in regards to driven line versus braking, rotation point, apex and where you are back on the throttle and what the chassis is doing dynamically throughout. I.E. if you are trying to accelerate while turning with a solid (live) axle, the differing radii the rear tires are trying to take, will limit/reduce the amount of power you can extract from any given engine regardless of how well it is tuned. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do understand the premise behind it.

More to the point, if you are driving something with a limited slip, locked diff or a live axel you want the thing to be pointed as straight as possible to extract the most amount of power from the engine. Otherwise you are wasting power on tire scrub.

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