Podcast Ep03: Sabré Cook Interview PRI 2016

Another interview from the PRI vault. If you don’t know Sabré, suffice to say she’s one of the fastest shifter drivers in the nation. She has won a lot of stuff including the SKUSA protour and the U.S. open.

That said, what I think is really interesting about Sabré is her mix of on-track ferocity & off-track dedication balanced with a disarming gentle demeanor. Tune in to listen to her proudest moments, a hectic day-to-day schedule and the challenges she’s faced during her racing career.

Click below to hear Sabre’s Story, It should play in the background

Follow Sabré online at:


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Obligatory high speed pic is obligatory

We’ve moved the KartPulse podcast hosting from soundcloud to spreaker and in the process did a little work on the audio. Nothing fancy, but noticed the audio levels were not consistent (Guest loud, host quiet or opposite) I made some corrections (Audio compression) to them.

Of course it’s available in your podcast player of choice too! Despite being recorded a couple of years ago, most of the discussions are pretty evergreen and still relevant.