Position in new seat

Hi. I chose the seat, the upper part fits perfectly under the rib protector. However, in the lower part, I have little space for the pelvic bones, if I don’t sit down well, I feel pressure. Do any of you have the same problem? The old armchair was too big and had a lot of foam so wasn’t a problem.

Hmm your pelvic bone normally would be tucked under the hourglass waist of the seat. Maybe you are tall? Perhaps a tall seat (they make them).

I have 182cm tall. The seat is tilted back under my height as instructed, the fixings came out strangely close to the edge. Bolts is under my rib

i know that you can get bolts with a flat top so its flush with the seat so they don’t dig into your ribs.

but I mean they don’t touch the ribs because they’re underneath them. The screws came out somehow strangely low despite everything being fitted correctly. Perhaps it is because the seat is quite small and pushed far back.

I’m taller than you and don’t have my seat so far reclined. What kind of seat is it - sounds to me like it’s too small?

Its 2 size, in 3 i have to much free space

I also have a big backward bias. I have 205mm between the axle and the top edge of the seat. In the front I have 635mm on the left and 640mm on the right from the front of the frame to the edge of the seat.

I’m not familiar with those seats at all, Tillett have something like 20 size, material and shape variations.

Better to have a larger seat and pad it out than a small seat you can’t get into.

I don’t think it is better to have a larger seat and pad it out.
It is important that you have a sort of direct contact/feeling with the seat because you can respond quicker when the kart is loose.
If you use a rib protector,put it on try a seat and it has to be pretty snug.

Not being funny, but if the seat is too small for you to fit in, you need a bigger seat :sweat_smile:

If the only other seat available is a tad on the big side, at least you’ll have a seat you can get into!