Possible "new" oval kart track location

I stumbled on these videos this morning of a guy who bought the old Copper Creek Motorsports Park near Superior, MI and is fixing it up. Track doesn’t look too bad for being abandoned for 10 or so years. It might be some option for local kart racing for people near there.

No, I still don’t understand drifting - but it does put some rubber down I guess.

Location: Google Maps

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/Greenlightfilming/videos

Interesting. An oblong oval. I have seen frequently different corner radii, but not like this.

Usually this style of turns are seen on dirt. We have several dirt tracks locally that have that shape. One even calls itself “The D shaped Dirt Demon”.

Aha. I have been doing paved oval which would explain it. Thanks.

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I’ve been watching this channel for a while, interesting is an understatement . . .