Practice at Pittsburgh

I’m going to be at the SCCA Majors in Pittsburgh the weekend of May 12-13th. I’m thinking about coming out early to get some practice in on Thursday. I would love to come out for the full day of practice on the Wednesday, but that is just to much time to take off for me. If I can swing practice the some of the other days over the weekend, I might do that also.

Is anyone in that area interested in joining? I’ll be running my 206.

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Oh decent website there. Some nice pics, essential info and a calendar.
Now can we get the other 100-something tracks to do this :smiley:

You think it wouldn’t be that hard to put up a simple website with info like Pitt has. SCCA regions websites vary a lot also. Some have basic info and then the bigger ones have better sites where full schedules and other information is uploaded. But then the web person leaves and the sites to crap, and the cycle of good and bad sites starts.

The track used to be called Beaver Run, then changed to Pittsburgh International in the few years. They have added to the road racing track and seem to be doing a good job with the grounds. I’ve only crewed on the for a team there for road racing, can’t wait to hit the kart track and see if how it is.

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Ironically, a decent website for a karting track that no longer offers club-level karting, (unless you own a Briggs 206).

At this point I’ll take anything we can get :smile:

I guess I better call first to make sure that they are still doing open practice before I drag the trailer out there.