Preferred 219 chain

What are your thoughts on different brand chains? My specific application would be a World Formula so HP is minimal, that being said I race sprint as well as 30 minute road races throughout the season. I’ve run DID, Panther, and some O Ring chains and never noticed a huge difference? What’s your experience?

Personally wouldn’t run an o ring chain on a 4 stroke. But other than that just pick one and go with it so you know what to expect.

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I use DID HTZ 219 on 206 and Yamaha.

I’ve found both DID and Regina to be OK. I always leaned towards DID.

For road racing I think the lube might matter more than the chain. In road racing I’ve found Xeramic works well for me as it seems to form a dry lube once the tacky stuff flies off after six mins :smiley:

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