Prepping for my first kart racing season

Hey everyone, I posted a thread awhile back and I’ve done research (as well as talked to many) and I’ve got a few more questions.

  1. What qualifies me for a kart racing license? I’m looking into OVRP or F-Series club leagues. Are the licenses the same? Or is it sort of a one-off license per club?
  2. Will indoor gas karting prepare me for a kart at all or should I just not even bother and get stomped for the first few races?
  3. Any comments on either of the series as to the level of competition, friendliness, or any misc comments?

I know I’m going kart racing next season, I just don’t know where and how often as the schedules aren’t out yet. Pretty excited though, so I’m just trying to get the groundwork laid out.

I race f series (state championship as opposed to gearup). I do the races at etown and NJMP.

I just finished my first season. Yay!

You don’t need a license. Marco will examine how you drive and only if you are truly incompetent and (dangerously so) would he not allow you to race. You’ll be fine.

Yes on indoor karting. No it’s not the same in that they are slower and heavier, but it helps in that seat time is seat time.

Generally it’s a pretty calm and relaxed group of folks. If you are 40+ you’ll be racing me next year in masters. There’s a pretty broad range from completely new and running 46 second laps to Bonanno running sub 41 laps at etown. As you progress you’ll have some competition. We are mellow about it but there’s plenty of friendly competition. I have never seen anyone do anything ragey or intentionally stupid. The state championship is the club series and that’s where you should start. Gearup is the regional series and that’s really more for folks who can run at the faster race speeds. (I would say that you want to be able to run mid 41s laps at etown for gearup. That being said, you could still do gearup, but I’d stick with state champ until you feel like you are ready.)

Pretty much you can approach and talk to anyone and they’ll likely be helpful. Look me up next season and I can answer anything. I’ll introduce you to Jerry (when you break stuff or need tires etc.)

Progression wise the hard part was getting my head around dicing it up with other karts. I’d say my first 4-5 races were hesitantly learning the ropes, the next 5 were trying to pass folks and win.

OVRP is a nice faculty that has pretty much everything you’d need as well. They have their own series, shop etc.

I’ve been in contact with Bonano but I didn’t want to bombard him with these questions, so thanks for all that information. I think he said that I qualified for Masters although I am 29 years old (but I’m a bit “heavy” due to powerlifting)

Thanks for giving me some benchmarks!

Well maybe I’ll race against you in senior from time to time. I’m getting quicker and would like to see how I fare against you younger guys!

John reps compkart and can put together a new/used kart fo you. I got a couple from him.

You should also get to know Jerry White (Kartworkz). Much of racing is rushing to get new tires on, fix damage, and figure out why kart is behaving odd etc. Jerry is the guy for that either on an as needed basis or day basis. (I pay Jerry a daily rate to be under his tent and have him make sure nick and I can run our races. Between prefinal and final of last race he took my old engine off, found me a new one, and installed it in time for finals. I was assuming my day was done when I blew engine. Without Jerry it would have been over.)

I only have experience in cars so I just assume I’ll get stomped until a few races are through.

So Marco will run you in masters on weight? If so, that’s a great idea. Smaller field, slower and less intense. Great idea to start there if Marco is ok with that.

Possibly so. I’ll see as things develop.

Also, your story sounds familiar. You may have been included in a facebook update where you were tagged and I heard about that.

Yep my engine photos made it to the web. Good stuff!

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It was too good (well bad) to not share.