Problema freni

Hello everyone. I have a problem with a Maranello rs10 kz, it practically brakes very little…I’ve tried everything… What do you recommend?

  1. Check for any leaks (brake line, master cylinder/pump under the rubber booth behind the lever, oil reservoir cover, seal and piston in the caliper).
  2. If there is no leak anywhere, flush completely, put new fluid and bleed

My suggestion, even if you don’t find leaks, is to put a new revision kit for the master cylinders, since you are pulling all the fluid out anyways

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Non è una questione di perdita di pressione, ma più che altro uno scarso potere mordente… Le pastiglie sono nuove

If you don’t have enough bite, means you don’t have enough pressure on the pads getting pressed into the disc. So it’s either a loss of pressure or you have air in the system. Sometimes they are all connected (e.g. failed oring on the master will leak and by doing so will not build up enough pressure on the line, possibly letting air go in).