Question re: Effebi Line electric rad curtains

This is kind of an eccentric question, but I’m hoping someone here might be able to help. I bought 1 of these electric motor driven radiator curtains that run off a 9V battery:

I want to hook it up to the on board 12V unit on my kart, in line with a 9V step down circuit, but I need to know the motor amp rating. I inquired at about this, but no response so far.

Is anyone familiar with this (or perhaps the motor) who might know what the amp rating might be?

It’s unlikely Effebline actually manufacture the motor, most likely they just assemble the product. If you can see a P/N somewhere on the motor - google it for specs?

I’ll look when I get home tonight.

Just checked, & it’s unmarked; not even the mfger name.

If you (or someone you know) has a volt-ohm meter, just put it in serial set for DC amps to measure the current requited.

Honestly, I doubt that for the very short time you are going to power it one way or the other 9v vs 12v will make any difference other than it moving about 25% quicker.

Yeah, I’ve been leaning towards just getting a 9V/2A step down & calling it good, since the actual run time is frational.