Questions on My Vampire VT250 Engine

I just need to know, you see where the glove is? The glove is covering the carburator, and i was just wondering if it needs like an air filter or do i just keep it open?

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Welcome Lorenzo,
Can you give some detail about engine and carb? That might help.

As an aside I’ve never seen an akrapovic kart exhaust before.

The engine looks like something along the Biland SA250\Swissauto line?
I would definitely put a filter on there, or at the very least an airbox.

I dont have a lot of information on it, i will list all the information i have on it now. And i am new to karts i just got this as my first ever kart which i have to do some maintance on, and yes i know this isnt a good option for a first kart but i got a very good deal on it.

Vampire rotax 30hp engine
Trulli frame
Mojo tires
Akrapovic exhaust
Tiller T8 handmade seat

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I dont know a lot about this kart but the engine is a rotax vampire engine

Ah yes. Vampire is another engine in that line of high performance overhead cam engines. It is not made by rotax however, it was made by Suter and production stopped in 2008.

Looks like spares are still available…

Not to say you won’t have a LOT of fun with it! They are fast, from that perspective maybe not the ideal starting kart, but it is a fairly hassle free package. Inspect the timing belt of course.

Think you will find it’s a Suter Vampire not Rotax.
Give it a google and see what you think.
Definitely needs a filter.
James beat me to it!!

I thought rotax was like the category, well now at least i know the engine model.

Hopefully i wont need spares, but in the future i will definetely need some. And i thought rotax was like a category, but at least now i know the engine model, and from the pictures i saw of the engine it looks like it needs an air filter.

I wonder if it was perhaps run with the Rotax Max class. That’s conceivable…
Please keep up posted on your progress, excited to see you get started.

This is the coolest kart oil ever:


Thanks, i will keep you guys posted and i will definetely will need to ask more questions, thank you for the help. Also what do you think is better, and airbox or air filter?

It really is haha, the kart comes with some spare part boxes, i hope there is some oil in it, or else i will have to ship it from america and pay $50 shipping.

Really you have three options I guess.

Airbox without filter
Airbox with filter
Filter only

Generally airboxes are to reduce noise, of course an Air filter helps with engine life. So see if you can get a filter that fits nicely onto the carb unless you have some sort of noise restrictions at the track you plan to run at.

I dont care about noise, but as you said the track might, so i will have to ask and then make my decision. Thank you fro braking down what each option does.

Is that your 918 in your profile pic?

I wish haha, its a 918 i found in a car meet, but its nothing special for me, i see a lot of expensive cars where i live.

Def needs a filter, like this one


Whereabouts in the big wide world are you?

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I ordered an air filter, and i am in dubai

That’s a Suter Vampire 250, twin cam, 35hp in slow trim, 40hp in ‘R’ trim. I know the small carb is a 30mm, and i believe the ‘R’ carb is a 34mm, but that’s not to say there isn’t also internal differences. Its a timing chain engine, i don’t know the service intervals on the chain. i believe it’s bottom end is of 2 stroke style, with a split crank and solid con rod. From my understanding, the vampire was THE engine to be on back in the days when the VT250 class was popular. It is also well known the vampires were also the least reliable, i have read and heard that there is an early and late version, Suter did some modifications to the later engines bottom end for extra reliability. If i recall you can still get all the parts direct from Suter themselves (don’t bother with the company in the previous link) :smirk:

Get an air filter on that carb, you can get airbox’s but they just hang out over the back and look a little silly, so just stick a filter on and go from there. Nobody will hear an induction noise over the exhaust note anyhow :slight_smile:

I raced against one, once, was no match for the mighty Biland :wink: