Race for a beginner

Hi. I have my first “real” race this sunday is there somethings that i need to think about and do to my kart so i can have the best results possible. Should i scarpe the tires or do something with the carburator. Or just general tips on how to get good placement

Congratulations. Where are you racing and what class?

First proper race to be honest there’s going to be a shit tonne of information and stuff coming at you, I’d concentrate on staying out of trouble and absorbing the process, getting to scrutineering, dummy grid on time etc. Pay attention to driver brief, particularly blue flag protocol. Not saying you’ll be lapped but if you are you need to know what to do - usually it’s stay on line and consistent.

Listen well for program changes and calls they’re easily missed.


This thread has good advice.

Focus on doing all the laps, driving safe, and having fun. Lots going on, so your first race is less about performance and more about paying attention to the schedule so you make your sessions, not getting in anyone’s way or getting involved in incidents, and making sure nothing falls off your kart.

Also have fun.

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Make sure everything is tight, aligned, before you get to the track. Get newish (1-2 day prior use max) tires. Mount them before you get to the track. Make sure the kart is 95-100% ready to go before you get to the track. Otherwise you will miss sessions getting the kart ready. Morning practice typically flies by.

Check after every session - rear hubs placement, wheel nuts, axle grub screws (if not loctited), chain tension and alignment, and motor mount.

Get someone to set your carb. Don’t worry too much about making set up changes.

Ask someone to watch you on track and provide tips. Ask someone to walk the track with you.

Drive as many laps as possible.


Don’t be too light regarding your min weight.
Otherwise see it as another practice session…

Listen carefully for announcements and make sure you understand the daily schedule. Once racing starts, you will need to be ready for the heats.

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