Race prep (10chars)

Going into the race weekend, is there any way you mentally prepare? I typically use Saturday to try and refine my line etc and Sunday I just wing it. I suspect there’s a better way to go.

I try to keep relaxed as possible and not over-think it too much. Go over the basics in your head, remember to be prepared for anything, and know that as soon as the flag drops, everything you’ve done to prepare kind of goes out the window because you can’t predict how the race is going to go. Just keep it chill and run your own race. :call_me_hand:

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Are you racing at Pacific Raceways, in Auburn, WA., this weekend? Qualifying is tomorrow and I will be there with my Son, Joshua.

Unfortunately I will be at NJMP which is likely to be less scenic than Washington State! I shall nail an apex in you and your sons honor, however.

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Thanks TJ​:man_dancing::avocado::snowboarder: !!!

Dom Callen, Have a Great Race and Hit that Apex like it stole something from You!!! HaHaHA… Thank Bro, I truely do and My Son Josh as well wish You good Luck. We are going to Tacoma Raceway this weekend, DavinRS is on the track there as well. I am just hanging on soping up everything I can. We will be glad the weekend that we will be able to meet in person…

I think the best way to prepare is to visualize it, yes apply things you have learnt and go over the basics but in your head, visualize the race, visualize the potential outcomes in your head and picture how that would go down. If you are starting in P10 just imagine yourself somehow racing through and working your way up the pack in just a matter of a couple of turns! - Even if you don’t think that’s remotely possible or just unrealistic, when you find yourself in that position in the race something in your head will click and say hey this is familiar and you will be able to make a link and think ‘I have seen this before, I know what to do’ and depending on what you previously pictured you’ll think I have to find that gap and smoothly glide through or becoming a complete predator, pushing more on the straight, breaking later than the others. Obviously you won’t just magically fly through (Or you might you never know!) but having the play/move analysed in your head means you already have a plan when you approach the situation and you have the confidence already built up to execute. To me running through those little snippets like its an action movie scene makes me feel more confident and helps put things into focus, it might seem silly but just the fact or visualizing might be helpful.

I know it’s a bit late but hopefully this helps in future!

Thanks Tinoda, I’ll try that too.