Race Starts

Do you guys know any ways to avoid bogging down on race starts?

Hi Bhuvan, Can you give more information on the engine\class you’re running?

Hey James, I’m running in 100cc junior right now. I have a Vortex vlr


You’ll get much better advice from people on here with much more experience than I. However, my son has had this issue, and we’ve tried a few methods.

  1. Don’t over modulate the throttle coming to the starts. The starts can look like an accordion, especially in juniors with karts slowing and speeding leading to the green. Keep steady pressure on the throttle and use the break if you need to slow down.

  2. Pinch the fuel line leading to the carb. If you limit the amount of fuel leading into the carb, you limit the risk of getting too much fuel in there, which usually why the motor bogs down. I have been having my son do this as the karts start to group up and slow down. As soon as he’s full throttle he releases the pinch on the line.

You’ll need to change your fuel line somewhat regularly to keep it soft enough to pinch with your fingers, as the tubbing gets hard over time.

Thanks for the advice John!