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This is very solid result for first race. Check.

This is someone learning how to stay tight, probably. Stuff happens. As you improve your situational awareness will allow you to foresee some of these moments.

You will eventually move these guys. If they want to battle then you will need to make them understand just how deep they will need to go. Push them out of their comfort zone.

I don’t think so. @speedcraft

The confidence you seek will not be found in putting yourself in situations that are out of your depth. It is found in the margins and it’s accumulated every day, in small pieces.

I was being a bit cheeky. I have been intentionally working on that ‘depth’ you mention by focusing on really developing control and off-line work. That way, when I am in the situation again, I will be more confident. In fact, it happened in practice a few sessions ago. I was closing in a guy pretty quickly, but not as quickly as I first thought/hoped. I had that thought process of “do I back out and try again later or practice late-braking and passing on the inside? Let’s practice!” and it actually went very well. I was very happy with my threshold braking and getting the speed down enough not to blow the turn-in.

Confidence in braking is almost always the big unlock with overtaking - that and refusing to focus on the other driver, and concentrating on getting to the apex first. It’s very easy to consider what the other driver does as important, when it’s best to treat them with a healthy dose of disdain.


Now that Terence mentions it, that seems accurate. Confidence in braking (off or on-line) means confidence asserting your position/passing. One leads to the other. Eventually it’s less of a stressful event (threshold braking).

Sounds like you are on the right track @dodo

Yeah, if you are carrying a list of doubts in your mind when deciding whether to make your move, a lot of them are related to your own abilities on the brakes.

That’s why I preach about going over the top with braking, with lock-ups and all sorts… It’s not to go faster, it’s about feeling like you can do anything on the brake.

Overtaking gets a lot easier then…

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Well I have to say, your bit on braking from your bookie was a game changer for me and I bought copies for friends.

More plz.

Linky to said bookie? Braking a big opportunity for my Cadet, would be interested in being able to provide better coaching.

I can do one better… sec

Terence’s free chapter (a good one):

If we buy enough books maybe he’ll write another one.

Just for yuks. Timestamp at 1:35. You get good at this once you’ve crashed into them a bunch. I closed pretty fast here and he then brakes at apex, but I didn’t hit him. Look how fast we get on (and off) the brake.

Haha, thanks. I appreciate that!

I put it all on my substack now, I think there’s 3 new articles about braking, this is the latest:
Become a freak on the brakes

I subbed but I’m not sending you money yet! The problem with the modern world is everything is subscription based, and boy do I have alot of subs. Perhaps it’s time to dump the VRS annual fee :sunglasses: And support your efforts instead.

Damn you explain this well…

  • When your kart makes angles on the brakes, you don’t want to react in fear, you want to react with a ‘yes!’ and shape the angles you make, to help you angle the kart to your advantage.
  • You create a slide. Rotating the kart with your feet and balancing with the steering, opens up your range of control skills like nothing else in driving. It expands your abilities, and therefore confidence, to a whole new level.

The kick isn’t a bug… it’s a feature. Yay for gokarts!

I would love to hear your thoughts on release of brake, how that matters.

I will say his book is sweet! still read through it often :innocent:

@Terence_Dove commented on one of my first posts of my racing :heart:


Dude. That’s pretty huge. That’s like when TJ said I didn’t totally suck:


Pace was good! that’s good enough racing right there :rofl:

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I don’t think I’ve elaborated more on that any more than in the book chapter.

What would you like to learn more about with brake release?

I’ll have to go back and reread it then, I missed that. It occurred to me a few years later that how one comes off brake can matter. In sim I played a lot with braking as I was learning (still am). It seems to me that brake release and the last part of energy cycle are related. They way it influences weight transfer, if it does.

I’m looking for writings on that, if you have any links. Not sure if there’s any meat on that bone.

It certainly is very important, it should be in that braking chapter or maybe in the loading chapter.

Thank you! I’ll go back and have another read. I’ll bet that that info was something I wasn’t ready to think about at the time. In the process of learning how to brake hard, at least in sim, it caught my eye.

a lot of switchbacks for me personally. I make sure the driver in front knows i’m right behind, usually makes them nervous, can force mistakes if they’re not seasoned. I’d like for them to think i’m about to lunge. They’ll often try to brake later to make sure i don’t lunge down the inside, then you just use your extra exit speed you gain from a slower entry (aka braking a little earlier) and pray the next turn you’re on the inside. I don’t like to be a physical karter, so if i can’t pull alongside them on the straight, i’ll just try to force a mistake or switchback. It’s to me the safest move to avoid collisions because you’re not alongside mid corner.

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