Rear Brake Rotor - Tony Kart 401 (Shifter)

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In every kart I’ve owned (2 Shifters and a Tag) or have seen, the rear brake rotor generally has a certain amount of play to allow for Axle Flex. I assume this is particularly important to prevent bind on softer axles. I’ve recently acquired a Tony Kart 401 Shifter Kart. When changing the setup and going over it I notice the rear rotor has tight, no play of any kind. It’s currently using a Medium Axle. Is this an OTK thing? If not - why wouldn’t I want some freeplay in the rear rotor?


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It’s more the brake attachment to the frame and the bearings moving in their carriers vs the axle actually flexing IMO, but I digress.

There should be a reasonable air gap though. Do the pads have shims behind them? I think that system is self adjusting?

Are you comparing a fixed rotor to a floating rotor. The floating rotor would have play in it.


is it a floating or fixed rotor?

And what sort of attachment to the hat, and/or axle does it use?